REPORT: We present the report “Ukrainian Nonviolent Civil Resistance in the Face of War”

Today we presented the report “Ukrainian Nonviolent Civil Resistance in the Face of War”, prepared by Professor Felip Daza within the framework of a joint project with ICIP

The report examines the Ukrainian nonviolent civil resistance between February and June 2022 to identify the organizational dynamics and the characteristics of the different actions, their evolution and the impacts and supports they have achieved.

The document analyses 235 nonviolent civil resistance actions shown on an interactive map. It includes a set of recommendations addressed to governments and Ukrainian and international civil society to strengthen nonviolence to transform conflicts.

The work confirms that some resistance actions contributed to stopping the invasion in the country’s north and hindered the institutionalization of the military occupation in its early stages. Likewise, nonviolence has created conditions and strategies to maintain social cohesion and community resilience in the face of fear and uncertainty caused by the invasion. It has also strengthened local governance, thanks to the empowerment of social actors and better coordination with local authorities.

You can download the report in Catalan, Spanish, English and Ukrainian.