What we do?

 To provide support, training and counseling to nonviolent or peaceful civil resistance movements which work for conflict transformation and human security.

To develop Nonviolent Civil Operations of Peacekeeping, which protect vulnerable populations in conflict situations, where local civil society and/or representative institutions demand it.

To promote mechanisms of defense and protection of Human Rights, with special attention to strengthening the rule of law as well as the establishment of civil peace services and early warning systems.

To promote support and research on nonviolent and civil resistance movements as well as its impact and international effectiveness.

To promote knowledge, research and training specialized in nonviolence, peace building and peacekeeping as well as nonviolent civil resistance.

 To implement advocacy actions which contribute to the objective that government actors will work for human security, peace and democracy.

To promote campaigns aiming at raising awareness and critical thinking towards changes necessary to achieve a more peaceful, just and dignified world.

To coordinate fundraising, both from citizens and from public institutions, to achieve and implement activities mentioned.

To coordinate trainings and strengthening of networks as well as platforms aiming at achieving the related objectives.

Here you can look up specific projects that we are implementing.