News 27/06/2024

Presentation of the Western Sahara report: “Wha about the youth?

In the framework of the Momkin program, youth and creativity for peace building, we have presented the report “What if we listen to the youth?” about the risks of escalation of violent conflicts in Western Sahara and the Saharawi refugee population camps. Written by the doctor and anthropologist Vivian Solana.

Together with the partners of the program (Ministry of Youth and Sports, UJSARIO and NOVA) we presented yesterday the report in Saharawi refugee population camps.

Several Saharawi organizations and institutions were present as well as young people participating in the project.

The report offers an analysis of the escalation of violent conflicts with a special focus on the years following the return to hostilities in Western Sahara. It also includes recommendations to mitigate this escalation.

You can read the full report here.