Reports 19/05/2022

Violations of rights in the institutional response to migrant arrivals in the Canary Islands

The report addresses the situation of access to rights of migrants arriving irregularly to the Canary Islands, with special attention to Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote.

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Novact i Irídia


Maite Daniela Lo Coco, Andrés G. Berrio, Clara Calderó Delgado, Siham Jessica Korriche.

The report ‘Violations of Rights in the Institutional Response to Migrant Arrivals in the Canary Islands,’ jointly conducted by Irídia and NOVACT, addresses the situation of access to rights for migrants arriving irregularly in the Canary Islands, with a particular focus on Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and Lanzarote.

This document represents the culmination of extensive monitoring work on the Spanish Southern border and aims to establish direct communication channels with entities, individuals, and key groups that structure monitoring work on the situation at the borders of the Spanish State. In this way, it provides a rigorous tool for reporting that contributes to the transformation of the situation at the border.

Among the violations recorded, the report highlights discrimination in access to rights, the lack of procedural guarantees, and the ongoing exception in the application of norms at the borders of the Spanish State. Discrimination in access to international mobility, the lack of legal pathways, and the improvised and inadequate response by institutions have created spaces of repeated rights violations in the reception of individuals upon landing, during detention in Temporary Holding Centers (CATE) and Immigration Detention Centers (CIE), as well as in the emergency facilities established under the Canary Islands Plan.

The report, which is part of an ongoing rights monitoring mechanism initiated by both organizations in February 2022, has been endorsed by a total of 16 organizations, including:

AAMOC (Alternativa Antimilitarista)
ADNV (Acción Directa no violenta)
Aquí Estamos Migrando
Asamblea de Apoyo a Migrantes
Asociación Atlas
Asociación Rehoyando
Farmacia La Comunitaria
Formación y el Desarrollo Comunitario)
FUNDEC (Fundación para la Innovación, Investigación, Formación y el Desarrollo Comunitario)
Médicos del Mundo
Oxfam Intermón
Proyecto Frontera Sur
Red de Acción e Investigación Social
Red Canaria por los Derechos de las Personas Migrantes
REDESSCAN (Red Canaria en Defensa de los Servicios Sociales)
Secretariado Diocesano de Migraciones