News 15/11/2023

Roundtable: Subaltern Memories. The Roma Peoples of Europe.

Next Tuesday, November 21, NOVACT Institute, in collaboration with the Solidaritat UB Foundation and the European Observatory of Memories - EUROM, is organizing the international conference "Subaltern Memories" on the history of the Romani people. The event will take place throughout the day at the former prison La Model in Barcelona.

The rise of nationalisms in the 20th century and the emergence of Nazism in Germany emphasized the discrimination against the Sinti and Roma. The Romani Holocaust or Porraimos resulted in massive deportations and approximately 500,000 murders during World War II.

The persistence of hate speech and stigmatization in the subsequent decades, including the Franco dictatorship in Spain, has left the Roma community far from recognition and reparation. Currently, antigypsyism or Romaphobia remains a structural cause of exclusion throughout Europe.

The roundtable organized by NOVACT aims to explore political and social initiatives in historical memory, not only as an exercise of reparation but also as a tool to prevent hate speech.

12.00 – 1.30 p.m. First table: Against discrimination, memory to stop Romaphobia. A European vision

  • Emir Grbić (SRRH KALI SARA – Roma Memorial Centre Uštica, member of the Human Rights Council of the Croatian Government)
  • Leif Hagert (Finnish Roma Association)
  • Chiara Nencioni (University of Pisa, Italy)

The activity is organized within the framework of the SolRem project, a European civil society initiative designed to promote awareness of the history of resistance and solidarity against far-right authoritarianism in five target countries: Portugal, Spain, Romania, Italy, and Finland.

Profiles of the Speakers:

Emir Grbić: Representative of the SRRH KALI SARA association, political advisor, and member of the Croatian delegation to the IHRA (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance) and the Human Rights Council of the Croatian Government.

Chiara Nencioni: Researcher at the University of Pisa, expert in contemporary history and politics, Roma people, the Balkans. Affiliated with the National Institute Ferruccio Parri for Resistance and Contemporary History, she conducts research on the Holocaust.

Leif Hagert: Activist and expert on the Roma people, member of the Finnish Roma Association and the Roma Youth Forum of Finland, European Youth of the Year 2021.

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